My dad passed away and his wife needed help with things around her house I...

helped her and one night I stayed for dinner my stepsister was at her friends house for the night. My step mom was 45 and I was 35 we had wine she was getting a little buzzed as was I then she told me she had not had sex in over two years and she needs to fined someone that would be with her. She was my dads wife and that upset me and she could see that I was not happy she wanted to know why I was upset I told her I don’t want some guy fucking her she come over to me and was holding me saying she was sorry the next thing I knew we were kissing and we started having sex in her bed I came three times and she passed out from cuming so hard we fall to sleep and I opened my eyes at I think 7 am and my step sister was standing at the door she just looked at me and smiled and walked away and shut the door. I looked at my mom and her ass was looking good so I started feeling it she turned to me and she started kissing my chest and she got down to my hard cock she got between my lags and gave me the best BJ ever as she was sucking me my sister opened the door just a bit I could see her looking in she watched till I came in her moms mouth. I got up and got out of the house mom said leave so your sister does not see you here. I came back that night to fix what I was working on my sister was there and we had dinner and at dinner my 17 year old sister said mom I’m happy your getting sex and it’s with my brother mom looked shocked. She said it’s ok mom I seen you sucking him this morning and him cuming in your mouth you don’t have to hid it from me I’m fine with it. Nothing more was said we cleaned up after dinner and my sister said she was going to shower and go to bed about 5 min later mom got my hand and walked me to the bedroom I we had great sex I got up about 9 to go home and mom was sleeping as I walked out my sister was in the kitchen with just a small shirt on with hot panties and boy did she have a hot ass she was making a drink I walked in to get all to her her nipples were very hard she told me she was fine with me fucking mom she then said you know I’m horny too she then pulled one of her tits out and said just so you know. I did not go over for three days mom called and said she was horny for me so that night I stopped over and got her off as I was leaving my sister was in bed she had the door open and she was playing with herself I looked in and she did not stop playing I walked over to her bed I got between her lags and I started eating her pussy omg she came so much she was spraying cum all over my face I could not stop eating her after a hour she said ok I can’t take anymore but that make me eat her even faster she then said omg I’m going to explode and boy did she wow l got up and cleaned up in the kitchen she came in she put her arms around my back and said thank you I needed that and so needs it again soon. It’s been 10 years I’m still fucking my stepmom about three times a week my stepsister is marred but she can’t get off from her husband so I see her one day a week on Saturday she loves my cock and I love her cum my sister is pregnant and we don’t know if it’s my baby or his.

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