I am an obsessive compulsive liar, I stalk people over the Internet, I publish people's...

names and addresses on websites and then threaten to take them to court when they publish my phone number.  I am obsessed with Special Forces, and people who fly helicopters and profess to donate and raise money for charities, when I am in fact spending it on crack and White Lightning.  I live in a Seaside Town and sometimes sell my sorry arrse for money to buy more drugs when I can't fleece any more people for money. Andy McNab is my best friend and I climbed Everest with him.  He needed help to get to the top, so I pushed my finger up his bum and he soon got there.  One day, I hope to jump off the bridge near Charnock Richard whilst tasting Sugar Puffs. BB x

By Anonymous on Envy, Covetousness, Lie, Abuse, Animal abuse, Forbidden Fetish, Drugs, Dealing and selling drugs, Worship satan, Ignoring privacy,
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