<p>I’m very strange man, I’m too shay.</p> <p>I’m alone in this world, and my friends are...

not truly friends.</p> <p>I hate happiness and I hate sadness.</p> <p>I have very good hart  and I’m manipulate people  for my  interest.</p> <p>I’m addicted to cigarettes and to coffee  and I’m obsessive for money.</p> <p>It’s almost 7 years I have only bad luck.</p> <p>Sometimes I think that god hates me.</p> <p>And now I know that life it’s very strange thin and I’m hope that I will be some day in paradise.</p> <p>My paradise is HOME.</p> <p>Sorry God for my chooses and sorry for my life</p> <p>.G. </p> <p></p>

By Anonymous on General,
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