About a year ago my mom came home from a party. She was really drunk and...

passed out cold drunk sleeping on the living room couch. I tried to wake her up to tell her to go to bed but she never woke up or moved a muscle. Her blouse was opened up a little bit and I could see her bra and some of her nipple was popping out. Her skirt had also gone up around her waist and I could see her panties. I was fourteen at the time and really wanted to see and experience the opposite sex. I very slowly opened up her blouse and the clip on the bra was in front so I opened that to. Now I could see her boobs completely. I slowly pulled down her panties and exposed her vagina. This was the first time I have ever seen a grown up woman nude and I was getting excited looking at her. I went to my bedroom and got my camera and took some nude pictures of my mother. I wanted to be able to see her nude whenever I wanted to. For the longest time I would jerk off looking at mom's nude pictures. Two days ago mom was cleaning my room and she found the nude pictures I took of her. She is so upset with me asking why I would do something like that. I told her I always thought she was the best looking mom in town and she is a real MILF. I shouldn't have said MILF because she knew what it meant and said to me "What you want to fuck me"

By Anonymous on General,
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