Almost bankrupt/ I met my girlfriend (now common law spouse) in 2004 and within 4...

months, I felt persuaded/pushed into buying a house. We found a place in a rural 2 months later that was a 3 hour a day commute from my work. She never liked the place, as it was my choice to move there because of the relatively low price (she said she deserved a much more expensive place) so I was persuaded into cashing in almost of my RRSPs/retirement savings and maxing out a $15,000 line of credit and $10,000 in credit card debt to make renovations to this place, and after many tears from my GF and a lot of stress, we decided to move after a year. I've had to spend another $10,000 from another line of credit for renovations in the new place. I am in the hole for over $35,000 with no hope of paying i back. I don't want to tell her how much I owe because I'm scared of her reaction. She keeps complaining I can't help out with finances that much. I am finished financially - bankruptcy is not an option.

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