Amazing O, he made me fat so I making him fat. pregtime. I love to see...

men get fat. I am a great cook and have been fattening my husband with delicious (and fattening) food. He has developed quite a big (OK, very big) gut, which I just love. The other day, we were out by the pool when he got frisky. We had been drinking beers for several hours and I really had to go, but he just kept at it and finally got on top of me and pushed himself in. As he did so, he dropped his whole weight and big belly on me. I just couldn't hold it and my bladder just let go. My God, it felt incredible, and I immediately came. Hard. Wow, it was great! Thinking of repeating. Besides, all that beer will get his gut even bigger and sexier, too. Yeah, my belly is growing too, but he doesn't seem to mind at all, so what the hey?

By Anonymous on General,
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