Boyfriends fantasy ended My bf always had a fantasy of f****** me in his work,...

and we did it a while ago, twice before it had to end after the third time, he liked to have me dress up and a h***** and pretend to pick me up in his van, take me to his works workshop and f*** me in, like i said we dis it twice and it was great but the third time he had a phone call (as he was on call) had to leave and fo attend a job, so he was barely gone 5mins and his boss turns up, i tryed to hide bur he knew i was there as he had cctv inside so he had aeen and watches the whole thing everytime, he confronted me, told me that it was a sackable offence unless we made a deal, as you can guess, me standing infront his dressed as a h***** he had only one thing in mind, so dispite not wanting to, i f***** my bfs boss on every dirty surface he wanted, and i got to admit, it was amazing, hot, grubby s** and it was breathetaking, he had so much stamina, he f***** me hard and with so much l***, after 20mins or so he pulled out and c** on my face, i thought it was it but he kept his b**** and stuck his d*** back into me and carryed on f****** me, legs on his shoulders he kept f****** me till i too came! after that he had me on the floor on all fours pulling my hair till he came close to cuming and he climbed over me stuck his d*** in my mouth, my face still covered in his c**, and i felt his d*** spurt his load into the cheeks of my closed mouth, once he was done he told me he disnt want to see me in his premisies for awhile and that this fantasy of my bfa had to stop or he would be sack and he would show him the footage of us f******, (something i forgot all about) so i followed wverything he said and now my bf had moved companys and i feel safe saying this,

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