Could you like me? I dont know, someone said you once did...years ago...great. I don't...

know whether I have a chance at all, or even if I want a chance! As its pretty darn strange that I like you, it happened so gradually, and I have to admit it was a bit of a surprise, its like some dirty secret, if my friends knew they would give me shit for it! And if anything happened between us, my goodness they would! And I imagine it would be quite amusing from their perspective. They still have the same perception I had of you a year ago, but now, I see you've changed, although if I'm honest I thought you were alright and even reasonable company all along I just didn't have much to do with you. I wonder what you really think of me though? Not cool enough? Pretty? Friendly? I wonder if you suspect...I wonder when I'll next see you, it could be any length of time...what is this? why do I like you when my friends are repulsed by you?

By Anonymous on General,
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