Growing up . I had a older sister and also a younger . We were...

very young when our parents divorced and were taken in by our grand parents! They lived a busy life in our teens and were always out! We would go to school and return home after always arguing about who’s watching the tv or winding each other up! It all started when my older sister and I decided to have a bath I was 13 she was 15,we were very close and always seen each other in our underwear. But we didn’t look at each other sexually. Anyhow in the bath my sister was being daft and daring me to do things which then lead sexual . She would ask me to rub the bottle off her vagina slowly,after about 5 minutes I could clearly see she was enjoying it baring in mind I had never had a sexual counter in my life! She then dared me to lick her bum at this point I was feeling weird inside and excited. She got on all fours I progressed with gently licking away , for some reason I was enjoying it and could feel herself playing with her vagina.. after about an hour we got dressed and got on with our day! Over the weeks it was becoming regular all over our home and becoming filthy! It got to the point now she wanted anal as it was forbidden front! We went to the toilet and slowly i managed to get it inside Boy it felt nice! It continues about 6 month just anal and doing it most days! She then moved out and that was that, me being warped to this day! My younger sister then was my scape goat! She was 12 skinny with an amazing bum! She was asleep in her room so I fondled her as she slept she pretended to sleep as I was doing this because she was bucking herself in my hand! I turned her on her front and gently poked her bum. It was time for me to give her my sausage so I slowly pushed in and out trying not to hurt her she was loving it as she pushed her bum backwards hard onto me! From then on it was ecstasy! Over a 4 year period we had orally and anally abused each other! We are older now and in relationships.. I’ve had one passed out encounter with my younger sister at the age of 32 ..that’s a story for another day! This is a true story and Its effected me mentally!

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