I can't wait for Mum's Christmas party! Last year I was phoned by her boss...

who asked me to pick mum up because she was drunk. I put her in my car and she was so drunk she was calling me a bastard for taking her home. When we got home I carried her into our house, I noticed she had no pants on, which gave me a hard on. I put her on the sofa deliberately lifting her skirt so I could get a good look. She slurred if you want to see my cunt get me a drink. I found some gin and made her a G and T. She drank it straight down, then fell asleep, I fingered her and realised someone had cum in her already. I took her to bed, wiped her pussy out and fucked her and came in her mouth. I let her sleep for a while then took some pics on my phone, that gave me another hard on and I fucked her again, cumming in her mouth, I held her nose and she swallowed. I fucked her five times that night. This year I'll be ready, I bought a douch and I'll wash her if she's been fucked already.

By Anonymous on General,
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