I don't see what my aunt sees in tom and jim. not my type. I...

don't go to those things because they are her thing and I don't want them stepping in on my thing. its called boundaries. I am like that with all family. I won't go to parties or weddings etc so I don't have to meet men they know and I don't want to be around men they know. I want men around me who only like me and not them. its simple and its plain plan to avoid problems. having been attacked a few times never again. even Joy tried to push her old boyfriends on to me and she was like 30plus years older then me, like that didn't make me feel good about myself at all. I want men who only want to know me, not my friends, not my family, not my neighbors and not anyone who gives or gave me trouble. I only want to mix with my closed it group and that is it. because if i pick up a guy is playing games on me they are gone and i never cry over them believe me. I just don't.

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