I don't trust people the way I used to. I don't like people the way...

I used to. I don't care if they are black or white, old or young, male or woman, I don't like people and I have a deep sense of distrust for most people. I am told that all the time. I am suspicious of everyone and their motives now. I mean I owe no one a dam thing not even politeness. I don't want to be friends or nice a lot. I sometimes am very rude to strangers and people and I don't care. when you been abused the way I have to learn to do it back when ever you get the chance to. and learn to doge the arrows as well. I can be rude and its great my parents are so deaf they don't hear and I just act like I never said anything but yeh, that is me. if you don't like it move on. don't mess with me. I have ways and friends in places that can hurt people. even people you love. I done things before and I get others to do my dirty work around the place well, things i don't want to do, put it that way.

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