I haven’t told anybody this, but here goes nothing. Warning, this is a lot. Firstly,...

I’m gay. I’ve came out as bi but discovered that Im actually gay recently. And this is where it goes downhill. Firstly, I’ve got a couple dirty fetishes. By that I mean farts, shit, and piss. I fart and smell it all the time turns me on so much. I’ve pissed in a cup and drank it multiple times and even sometimes directly into my mouth. And I shit on the ground too, and sometimes have licked it. If love to eat it someday but I’m not there yet. And next one is that I get really turned on by being a baby kinda. Not a literal baby, but I got into it because a guy I’m talking to my age likes it and I’ve gotten hooked. I get treated like a baby a lot by him and it’s not only a turn on but comforting. And along with that comes into I love diapers. I’ve wanted to be diapered for years now but haven’t been able to. Recently because of this guy I’ve gotten the courage to poop myself at night and basically be like a baby wearing a diaper. I love it. Sitting in my own shit and squishing it through my “diaper” makes me feel so happy. Now what else is there. It gets real bad here. About 3 years ago I got curious and had my dog lick my cock. I loved it, but never got the chance much back then. Did it from time to time when alone but not much. And recently I’ve basically become obsessed with bestiality and some furry stuff. At this point my dog and I have done everything. He’s licked my cock balls and ass, we make out frequently, I jerk him off, and biggest step of all, he’s fucked me whenever we’re alone now and had been for about a month. At first I was so guilty but now that I can tell me dog is definitely into it, as he practically begs for it too, I don’t much. In some ways it’s almost as if my dog is my boyfriend, and I love being his cuddle buddy as well as a submissive bitch. And here is my biggest secret of all, I’m sort of a pedophile. I have never made contact with anyone underaged (or of legal age for that matter), but I’ve been getting turned on by the thought of younger. Around 14+ isn’t too weird as I am 16, but I’ve thought about as young as 2+. I feel ashamed and should feel that way. I met this one guy online (like 10 years older), and we have jerked to child p*** on multiple occasions. We haven’t in a while because I am in the process of getting the help I need for it, but it’s always in my mind. I think that’s all of my confessions (for now at least) and although I will be hated by whoever sees this, I feel comforted getting this off my chest. I doubt anyone is gonna read but thanks if you did.

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