I know this is going to sound weird but believe me she is weird. My...

neighbor smiled at me as if I cared? like she was so older then me and married with kids when I was at college and university in my 20s while she was at least 50 and I think she was put out or jealous that I didn't take up her offer for her to drive me one day 20years ago and set out on putting me down to her disgusting level and now I am a drop out and alone she really annoys me gettting in my face. its like samatha that slut who tried get me hooked up to some dirty old pedo parker who was nearly 30 years older then me and that creepy old bastard of 80 trying to touch me up when I was in my 20s. what's wrong with you retarted spastic neighbors. ? fucking idiots.

By Anonymous on General,
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