I met a guy online and the little b**** over the road all of 14...

got in the way and someone online told me to go to the window around 7pm and see what she/they were doing. she would jump on a trampoline and flash light making cuckoo noises for him to come over and they were f***ing on trampolines next door and at her house. I thank that person today that told me what was going down. Cus he didn't deserve a real woman because he was a pedophile. Be aware women they do exist in gangs like this. she was the booty call getting baby bottles ready while mattresses were flung around from house to house in the street while wife had baby and there was a group f*** party going on every night for months. it was like that movie suburban swingers club mixed with movie Marriage Killer with a lot of the movie Open Marriage thrown in . It drove the neighborhood mad with all the cop cars and ambulance cars turning up after attacks and fights by the bullies 14 year old girls family. I am so glad I didn't get involved with this guy when I found out the truth about him. They don't know the bone pointer was watching and reporting to me. We do that. to the pedophile protecting mother who let her 13 year old screw a 45 year old man, you really should be the one in jail cell with a black niggar lesbian, prisoner lesbo wants a new bitch! you dam ass nutter. karma will get you old woman. you are a witch that should have been burnt at the stake.

By Anonymous on General,
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