Idiots I hope all you idiots that fell for Barack Obama's bullshit and voted him into...

office feel better now. 'Yay, we have a black president- we're so progressive now. ' Uh- no. A) he's not even black- he's biracial and B) the only place we've progressed is right down the f****** tubes. I don't care if he wasn't the one that set this s*** in motion-- anyone with a brain could tell he certainly couldn't do anything about s*** anyway- not with a lousy 2 years as a senator for experience. But hey- he talked about 'change'. Yay change. F*** change. You want change? You don't need to elect some j****** for that- if we want 'change' in this country, then it is OUR responsibility- we the people- to make that change happen. These a******* in government work for us- not the other way around. But no- you got swept away by all the big talk that answered absolutely no questions and waited for him to 'do something' while you sipped your Starbucks and bought houses you couldn't afford. (Oh and anybody who said otherwise about him was 'just a racist', right?) The problem is you don't see why you should ever have to be uncomfortable over anything. Well guess what? That's what 'change' is- it's getting out of your comfort zone and doing what needs done and toughing it out no matter what until things get back on the straight and narrow. So don't complain. You got what you wanted. You wanted to LOOK cool with a so-called 'black' president. But that's all the further you wanted to go. Nobody is responsible for you but you- and if this is the best we can do for this country, then quit whinin'. Nothing gets better if you're not willing to put the effort into it. What sucks is it took courage to make this country what it was. But you have to keep pedaling the bicycle if you want it to keep going, j******. F*** all of you for falling for the bullshit and for thinking it's better to let other people think for you than to think for yourself. Buncha stupid ass dull witted buttfuckers.

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