Im a guy. So it all started when i was 15, my dad entered my...

room at 3 am coz i had a nightmare and heard! He sat there waiting for me to sleep but i asked him if i could go sleep with im in is bed, he said yes and without noticing i got a little hard. Later when we were in bed i felt hes dick on my hand and felt his grip on my wrist using me to stroke is dick! He looked at him and said "dad" he looked at me scared letting go off my arm. By that time i was already hard, i showed him my hard dick and he started strocking his cock. I never thougt that could happen but in that moment i movd rapidly to hes dick and started sucking him! Hes dick was amazingly tasty and the hes ball where huge ! When he started fingering me was when i fliped and started cumming everywere! Next thing i know when grabs my ass and forces hes dick into me while liking the cum off our bodies ! We came all night and i drank the tastiest cum on the planet!

By Anonymous on General,
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