In the middle of the night, as I struggled to fall asleep like most youngsters...

at that age, my mom started coughing profusely for what roughly felt like 20ish seconds. After she stopped, I fell asleep and woke up the next day as normal; morning masturbations, bathroom, letting the dogs outside. I got hungry and looked in the fridge seeing leftover Chinese my mom had left. Throughout the day she had been completely silent. My assumptions of her sleepiness were replaced with an empty dread when I opened the door to see her contorted with one hand near her neck, the other pulled around her shoulder in a sort of claw shape, knees bent to the side, skin and lifeless retinas greyed and beginning to decay. I hate myself for my either imperceptiveness, or crooked negligence and I wish I could have at least been in her bedroom to comfort her, call 911, maybe she would still be alive. Life is fragile, tread kindly upon it.

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