Late one New Year's Eve I was really drunk and it was 3am snowing like...

crazy. I was the only one on the roads and then I saw someone jogging in the middle of the street. As I passed I was able to tell it was a girl jogging in the opposite direction of me. I drove around the block and parked and got out and ran up to the street she was jogging on. I hid behind a car and some really high snow banks. As she ran past me I ran behind her and grabbed her and pulled her to the ground. I pulled her hood down over her face so she couldn't see me and then turned around and sat on her face so she couldn't scream. I pulled down for sweat pants and panties right in the middle of the street during the blizzard. I bent over and put my face right in her vagina and licked between her legs. She had a lot of pubic hair because now I had a month full of her pubic hair. I turned around and pulled up her sweat shirt and sucked on her nipples while fingering her still in the middle of the street with no one around. I really had enough so I got up to leave when she started calling out Daddy help me Daddy help and then she was blowing a whistle. I turned back around grabbed her pulled her to the ground got the whistle threw it far away then told her I didn't hurt you or rape you you shouldn't have done that. I pulled off her top and bottom so she was completely naked on the ground in the middle of the snow storm. It must have been 20 degrees that night. I pushed open her legs and fingered her with four fingers until she was so wet that I was able to push my whole hand into her vagina. I pushed and pulled my hand in and out of her vagina really fast deep and hard until she was having an orgasm right there in the middle of the street during the snow storm. I was able to get my hand into her half way up to my elbow during this. She was already wet from jogging so I was easy to do. I couldn't believe how big her vagina was and how deep inside of her I could go. I told her to shut her mouth and I wouldn't hurt her. Then I got up and left. I don't know why I did it but it was a great experience. . Rape forced sex

By Anonymous on General,
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