Lately I have a lot of anger towards my husband. I resent the following: - lack...

of pride in our home, i.e. it's like pulling teeth to do any home improvement projects - he can' t do any home improvement project by himself and always has to have me help him, at the same time, I'll think of what to cook for our meals and then cook it - he's happy about getting into a part-time PhD program, I'm trying to be supportive but really I resent it because it means more housework and childcare lands on my lap - my mother-in-law has a personality disorder that sucks the joy out any special occasion and I STILL have to provide emotional support to HIM whenever his mother acts out I decided to be a stay at home mom with two kids and I wonder constantly if I will be able to find a job that can support the three of us well enough so if I decide to leave him, I can care for my children with financially stability.

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