Missionaries I am a active LDS member. My husband joined the Church before going overseas bout...

18 months ago. Since he hasbeen back he rfuses to go to church. He doesnt approve of me going to church. He gets angry with me when i stay up late reading scripture. I pray all the time that the Lord will give me strength to be an example to him and maybe he will want to live as God has commanded. I have had the same missionary in this area for 3 months and he comes over alot(with the other missionary) and talks with my family alot. He sat down with my husband and I a few wks ago and tried to talk about or different veiws. That didnt go so well. While sitting there about to cry because my husband doesnt care if he disappoints God, I was overwhelmed with the feeling that my husband is not my eternal partner and thats why it is so hard for him to accept my way of living. yesterday at church i had a meeting with my bishop and he told me that when it comes down to me having to choose between God and my husband to make sure I chose God.. So with all this I feel as if there will be something major in my marriage that is going to end in divorce.The past 3 months I have dreamed at least 3 times a wk about this one missionary, noting sexual but he is in there. I have become very found this guy. I never thought anything about the way we interact with one another but someone pointed out to me tha he likes me. He acts as if he wants me. Nothing I have noticed but I am startin to think that God has sent him here so that I can be with him.

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