My mother would get very drunk on the weekends and she would black out and...

never remember what she was doing the next day. She has passed out cold drunk sleeping half undressed or completely naked around the house. I would have some friends over the house and they would see her exposed and asked if I knew about her like that. I told them of course I'm aware of it and told them she never wakes up after she gets so drunk that nothing would wake her up. A few weekends later I was going to the bathroom and I found one of my friends in the living room feeling up my drunk mother. He jumped when I walked into the room and said he was just looking at her that's all but I could see her legs pulled open and she was all wet between her legs. I told him you can do it this one time but that's it. When I went to the bathroom and was on my way back to my bedroom I saw my friend on his knees between her legs eating her out with her legs over his shoulders. I said hey what are you doing and when he stopped and looked at me his face was covered with the juices flowing out of my mother's vagina.

By Anonymous on General,
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