My wife acknowledges my fetish for nylons/pantyhose but very rarely will indulge or satisfy me...

while wearing them. She finds sexual acts to be rather burdensome. As we have been having less and less intimate encounters, I have been getting more suggestive in an effort to learn what gets her juices flowing. Well after several weeks of talking I learned why her sexual appetite is the way it is. After almost 11 years of marriage, she confessed to me that she used to get molested by her father. (Apparently, he too had a thing for tights and tight fitting clothing.) After understanding this I decided to back off of the whole pantyhose fetish, understanding that it may have some association to her childhood trammas. fast forward a year or so as our oldest daughter turns 12 and suddenly my wife would become extremely suggestive, and often asked me to describe my fantasies. Needless to say it wasn't hard to open up and as more and more conversations were had more and more she started to express herself and her sexual desires. Turns out, she wasn't negatively affected by her father's actions while she was young but rather she was turned on by but extremely scared of sharing her experience. After several failed attempts at getting each other off, she offered a suggestion that until that very moment never crossed my mind..... My wife left our room, and after what seemed like forever came back and led me tomour daughters bedroom. She was fast asleep but I noticed she had sheer black hose covering her feet. My wife calmly led me to the edge of the bed where she told me to masturbate and cum on our daughters nylon feet. I was appalled, humiliated, upset, and more turned on than ever. My wife had never been so eager for anything sexual in the 10 plus years we were married. I reluctantly tugged my soft cock until it hardened and almost instantly shot a huge load all over our daughters hosed feet. My daughter turned around and asked her mother, "is that all I have to do mom?" And the rest is history

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