My wife is finally turning tricks I have been tring for a while and I finally...

got my wife to turn tricks. She has been out of work for quite a long time. And she has been feeling guilty about it. She doesn't know it but I make enough to pay all of the bills. I have been telling her for a while that I don't know how we are going to make it. I also told the building manger that I have been having trouble paying the rent. So after some hinting at he offered to let us not pay if could have s** with my wife. I told him I would talk to her about it. I told her things were really bad and we might be evicted. So she went along with it. But she said that I had to be present in the apartment when it happened. I agreed and told the manager. We set up a time and he came up. They went into the bedroom together. And after a while I could hearilure sound of my wife having a good time. I was very relieved that she enjoyed the f******. I kept her paying the rent for several months. Then one day the mangaer said that hwe had a friend that had seen my wife and would pay well to be with her. I told her and she admitted that she really didn't want to go back to work. So I told her it would be OK if she please this guy and maybe got two or three more clients. As time past she got several more clients and now makes quite a lot of money only working part of the week. and she doesn't need to return regualar work.

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