Policies are always changing, expectations always changing. The only consistent thing within this company is...

the fact that nothing is ever consistent. The high turnover rate with employees is mind-boggling. No rewards are given, no appreciation shown. No upper management support due to a constant turnover in upper management. This place is highly dysfunctional and when expectations are not being met, the owner gets mad and wonders why. Well, maybe it’s because nobody knows wtf they’re even supposed to be doing since things change from one moment to the next and you have people running your company who are poor communicators. They won’t fire anyone either. Why? Because they rather push them out, change their schedule and force them to quit so that way they will not be able to file for unemployment if they are fired. I’ve seen them turn on loyal employees who have been there for 15 years. The moment they express that they are finally fed up, the owner makes their life a living hell. Making them work day and night, heavier workloads, unrealistic expectations all in attempts to force them to quit. So quick to turn on people, no guidance or mentoring is given . People are thrown into positions just to fill a need. Then they wonder things fall apart. This is the most dysfunctional place I’ve ever worked at. I get migraines every day, don’t want to get out of bed. Everything else in my life is peaceful, fun and exciting except for this job. It’s draining.

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