Sissy cone Hi all I am a 40 yrs male I am married no kids I...

am a sissy who love loves getting dollyed up from head to toe am wifes lace and sheer and family thinks I am strl8 but that's far from the truth I all ways been a sissy from my teens I thought that it was just a fad I was going through but about 5 years ago the urge come back stronger than ever all I want is to dresses up A crossdress sissy s*** I am I had my first c*** in me and I can't get enough of it what do I dont keep it in the closet and I am keep on these sissy cones injjections from cockscombs of roosters injected into my dick to be stiffer all day long. I want to flaunt how long and thick my cock is to everyone when I sissy slay !

By Anonymous on General,
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