This is a note to my self but i hope one day i can have...

this conversation with my sister… she is 1 yr older than me and i have and absesion with her. We grew up with our parents and lil brother. Idk how it started but since i was lil i was very sexual. I remeber i used to watch my mom get fuck by my dad when i was little. When they will catch me i would pretend to need to go to the restroom. My mom was very slutty. She never wanted to stop fucking. When we were lil she used to tell me how her step dad used to rape her lil sister but am sure he also raped her. My dad meet her as a prostitute when my sister was already born. When we were lil we used to touch each other . i have cousins who got caught having sex. I used to hump my cousins but one day i realized i could have sex with my sister. This is when i started to try to make my sister be my girl. I remeber i used to show her porn magazines and used to make my lil cousins touch her . i wanted her to get used to it so she didnt feel weird when i would do it to her. In mexico boys are always favor over girls this really helped me take advantage. I used to blackmail my sister into things. I used to pretend it was games so she wouldnt feel weird about it but i really wanted to fuck her. I remeber i wanted to be grown up already just so i can have sex with her. I remeber i used to lie to her about what the other girls would let me do to them. She was always in competiton with them so she would allow me to do what they did. I remeber we used to dry hump . i used to pretend to be fighting with her. This was nice but i really wanted to have sex with her so i started to tell her the other girls would let me hump them in the butt witohut close she was so dumb she belived me. She is 1 yr older but i always controlled the situation. I would take any time alone to touch her. Good thing our parents will leave us alone a lot. My mom used to shower with us and she used to let me touch her. I remeber i used to tell my sister she was ugly . i didnt want her to know i liked her. I remeber i try to get our lil brother to fuck her with me but he didnt want to. He was not like us . my mom was a slut so my brother has a diffrent dad …me and her have the same one…. We used to pretend we were dogs or bunnies to hump eachother. I remeber one night i woke up and noticed our parents were gone so i started to touch her . i remeber pretending that her but will stink so i could touch her. She was asleep so i decided to start pulling down her underwear. I got it half ways and was rubbing my penis against her crack when she woke up and asked me what i was doing . i told her i was playing but she pulled her underwear up and told me to stop or she was going to tell mom. I pretended to be upset with her but i was sad. The next day i woke up in the middle of the night and noticed our parents were going to leave again . i knew i was going to be able to touch my sister againg. When they left i wasted no time i started pulling her underwear down this time she woke up looked at me and went back to sleep. I was really enjoying touching her but i was pretending i wasnt. Unluckyly for me my parents came back fast. When i heard the door i jumped and coverd us with the blanket but didnt pull her underwear up. My mom came to check on us and noticed her underwear down. She grab my penis to smell it to see if it was me touching my sister. After a while she grabed my sister and took her to her bed. The next day my mom asked us how we learned . i was scared and didnt want to tell her i wanted to fuck my sister. So i told her i saw the neighboor with my sister. I remeber they beat her up until she admitted it. I was about 6 then. This made us stop touching eachother for a couple months. I taught my sister would hate me after that but she didnt . i remeber we were playing cops and robber when we started humping . we would pretend i was arresting her so i could rub on her. When we were kids we were not very cousious so my mom almost caught us gain so we ran to an abandon house and started to hump again i was so happy. I remeber whe was wearing a skirt and yellow underwear. I was humping her over the clothes when we heard a lil girl asking us what we were doing. We told her we were playing but she knew what we were doing. She was 6..i was 7 sister 8…the lil girl told us her dad and uncle would touch her. She took of her shorts and open her pussy up she told me to put my penis in…i did it felt so warm and weird. I told my sister that she should let me do the same but she said no because she was still a virgin and i was her brother… i remeber i didnt want her to think of me as her borther so everytime she would say i was her brother i would denyn it. She still didnt let me penetrate her but this was the first time she let me hump her skin to skin. I was so happy i couldnt wait to show my best friend. When we went back to school after school i took my sister and my friend to a hidden place there i told my sister to get between us and we started touching her i wanted to show my friend the new thing so i told my sister to take of her underwear. I started humping her when my friend saw that he got scared and ran. My sister was surpised cause she taught we were doing this to the other girls but in reallity she was the first one. Again we kindad stop until one day my mom left us home alone. I remeber she wanted to take a shower but i pretended to want to take a shower so we ended up wrestling naked in the shower. I remeber we started to pretend that we were dogs and we were stuck together. We walked like that naked into our couch. There we cover with a blanket but we were naked under the blanket. My penis was between her tights.. We were watching t.v humping when our neighboors kid came to tell us her mom was calling us. She noticed we were in the couch together and was trying to see under the blanket but we told her to leave she pretended she did but she noticed we wre naked under the blanket. I am sure she went and told her mom. The mom told her daughter and my sister to go to the store then she called me up to her house. She asked me if i was fucking my sister…of course i denied it but she said that i didnt know what that was and that my dick was too small to fuck anyone. I told her i would fuck her. She said okay and layed in bed and took her underwear off. I got in top of her and started fucking her. I fucked her for a couple minutes then she stopped me. My sister started to become more okay with me touching her. My mom was always alert is like she knew i wanted to fuck my sister. I remember she noticed my dick was hard when we were taking a shower and told us we couldnt shower together anymore. Aroung this time my sister told my mom my dad was molesting her. He used to take her on car rides and make her suck his dick. I tought she was going to tell mom about us. I told her not to. We stopped for a while because of it. We stopped for 6 months until one day we were left alone. I didnt know how to ask her so we pretended i was hypnotizing her. That day i was able to hump again. From then every morning we would hump. I used to love taking her underwear off. I used to kiss her buttchecks . most of the days i didnt want to hump her but i will do it so she can get used to it. My aunt almost caught us one morning we were humping when she tried to pen the door . i kicked it and she left. I always made my sister spread her butt for me. I wanted her to know she was letting me. We did that for a couple months until my mom got laid off from work. By now i was addicted to her. We were now 11 and 12 . i remeber i was looking for a chance but my mom wouldnt leave until one day she went out with her friend. We hadnt done it in a while so i was trying how to tell her. I remeber i told her she couldnt watch t.v or listen to music she tried to give me money to convince me but i told her i wanted her ass. She was hesitant at first but i convinced her. I remeber she was wearing a purple underwear . we were humping when we noticed the kid next door on the window. We pretended to do push ups. This was the first time we didnt want to stop yet so we walked around until we found and rv so we continue. Am sure the owner saw us cause we tried to the next day but it was locked. My sister was growing by then i used to love watching her naked. Again my mom was laid off so my sister and i were able to play a lot. From there we moved to a diffrent home. In this house we had our own room so things started to get more serious. At this time we were becoming teens i was 11 and she was 12. I remeber the first day we were left alone . i made her jack me off and lay naked in bed this only lasted a couple minutes since she got weird out. I remeber she made me feel bad by saying that i was her brother and shouldnt touch her. My sister was also very sexual like me. I remeber i used to catch her masturbating with a debit card between her tights. When i would catch her i used to blackmail her into letting me hump her. By now her ass was growing i used to love humping it. For some reason she used to put toilet paper on her butt. I used to make fun of her for that but i loved using her butt. At this time i couldnt cum yet so i would hump her for hours. I remember i would tell her that if she wanted her butt to grow she needed to get fuck in the ass. Our parents will leave the whole day so as soon as they will leave i would go to my sister bed and start humping her. I used to love acting as if we were marry. I used to do it every morning until she got used to it. This is when i started to treat her more like my women. I didnt have to make up games anymore i could just pull her shorts down and start humping her. I also used to just touch her. We did this everyday for 3 months. Our relationship started to change lil by lil. One day we were humping when we heard the door we stood up and acted normal. It was our dad he told us he got laid off. My sister and i looked at each other this was the first time i noticed her be sad about us not humping. During this time both of our parents were not working so we didnt really have time to play. By now i was 12 and she was 13. It took my dad a couple months to get a job. The day he got the job we were left with our mom. I remeber she was cleaning the house and told us to get on the bed while the floor dried. She then got in the shower. I knew this was the oppurtunity i started grabing my sister butt. I was pretending like i couldnt pull her shorts down she then pulled them down grab my penis and put it on her butt. We then started humping slowly . i remeber it was so amzing it was like we needed to be with eachother to relax. We were humping when my mom walked out the restroom. She noticed us in bed and asked us what we were doing. We told her nothing but she didnt belive us. She told us to lift the blanket my dick was in my sisters butt so thank god when i pulled away my shorts came up so she wasnt able to see anything but she still told us that we better not be having sex with each other. We acted as if that was weird. She told us to go play outside. We went to look for a place where to continue but couldnt find anything at the house so we went to the streets. We were horny so we made up a game were we were stuck together. This was so we could walk and hump each other after about 5 minutes we found and abandon house. We got in and started humping. We then started going to the abandon house daily. We did this until we moved again. This time it was only our mom and us. My mom had left us alone my sister was growing up so sexy. I remember she started wearing tongs. I told her if she wanted to see a trick and i started making my dick jump . i told her to grab it and to play with it. I remember we then started to wrestel and of course i ended up with my dick in her butt. I remember that was the first time i pulled all her clothes off . she was completely naked i was so turned on and was humping her slowly. We then heard a knock on the door it was our mom. We both got scared and told her to wait we tried to get dress fast but my mom already knew what was going on as soon as we open the door she told us to take off our shorts off and she started smelling our privates. Am sure she knew we were touching each other. Again she told us to go play out side. We again started to look for a place to keep going. We noticed our neigboor had an rv we jumped the fence and got in. i remeber trying to get her naked again but she didnt want to take her bra off. I was humping her for like 10 minutes i wanted her to feel like my gf so i tried to kiss her but she felt weird and told me to stop. She then started grabing her pussy and realized she had a clear liquid on her she asked me what it was i told her i didnt know. She then told me that was precum and that i wasnt going to be able to hump her anymore because i was getting older and i could get her pregnant now. I acted like i didnt like the idea but in the inside i really wanted to get her pregnant. I was sad thinking she was not going to let me hump her anymore. The next day we ended up at the rv again and yeah again she had precum over her. After we were done we didnt do it for a couple days but then she got her period and this got her really horny. I remeber this was the first time she asked me to hump her. I remeber she made me lay on the floor and used my penis to rub her self. I remember i was laying in bed with my mom when i started to rub myself on her my mom noticed but instead of stopping me she stuck her ass out so i could hump her better. We then moved again. By now my sister was 13 and i was 12. This was the first time she started having a bf. I used to get jealous . i didnt want nobody else to fuck her. Her ass was so nice by now. I remember we were watching a movie with our parents we had a blanket and we were humping under without our parents noticing. I remember my mom wanted me to take a shower with her. I was 13 by then so when we were showering my dick got hard. My mom was suprices ..she started kissing my dick and licking it. She told me to play with her pussy. Eventually she told me to call my dad. My dad went in there am sure they fucked. I went back to humping my sister. That night i waited for my mom to fall asleep then i went to my sisters bed . i started pulling her underwear down then i started to hump her when i realized my mom was watching me. I pretended not to see and stopped i layyed back in bed . my mom then came to her bed pulled her underwear up and told her to move to her bed. She got mad at her and told her to not let me fuck her. The next day we were home alone and i wanted to fuck her. I was trying to find how to convince her when i realized she was masturbating with a debit card. Without even asking i pulled her pants down and started fucking her. I was doing her when we heard a knock it was the nighboor kids. They were watching us . it was 2 girls and 1 boy. They told us that if we didnt want them to tell the boy had to touch my sister and the girls wanted to see my dick. My sister let him touch her boobs. I told the girls to show me her ass first. The older one did but her mom kinda saw us. After that i went to live with my dad and she went to live with my mom. We didnt see each other for 6 months by then she was 14 and i was 13. I remember we were in highschool by now we were walking back home with some friends. They started talking about her ass this got me hard so when i got home i started to plan how to fuck her. I waited for her to get into the shower then i went to knock so i could see her naked ..she let me in and i started humping her but she wasnt feeling it and told me to stop. I told her to at least jack me off with her underwear . she did for a lil but again stopped and told me to leave. And told me that if i didnt have any else to fuck that i had to fuck my sister. I wanted to tell her she was my sex toy but i didnt want her to get mad. I went back to the room. When she came out the shower i acted like i was mad. She wanted to go to the park i knew i could use this to fuck her. I told her she couldnt go . she tried to say she was going to leave anyways i had to make sure she didnt eventually she told me i could fuxk her but i pretended like i didnt want to anymore. Eventually we agree. I was already cumming but i didnt want to tell her in case she wasnt going to let me fuck her. I told her i was going to hump her fast and hard 5 times and then i would stop she agreed. I started fucking her . i used to love watching myself pound her ass. I was doing it but it was taking me long to cum. When i got to my 5 times she wanted me to get off but i told her no and i started again she tried to get free but i just pushed her against the floor and kept going she started to cry so i covered her mouth and kept fucking her . she then started to say to stop that she was my sister. This made me cum as soon as she felt my cum she quirm and started to say eww but i held her down until i finish coming. Once i let her go she turned around and started to clean my cum from herself. I noticed she had hair in her pussy already. After i came i felt a lil remorse for raping her but i tried to tell myself that she was made for that. I tought she was going to be upset about what i did to her but the next day i saw her masturbating and got intop of her she let me. Thats when i knew she was a lil slut. I mounted her and fucked her again until i came she tried to run again but i held her down again. The next day i was doing the same to her when my dad open the door from the room i got up fast but he knew we were fucking and told us we were not okay. After that he got laid off so he was at home. This is when he started to use my sisters underwear to jack off. I remeber he took all her underwear and came on it. She told me that my dad was cumming on her underwear. So i started to also cum on her underwear…she then told me my dad was cumming on her face when she was asleep so i waited for the morning and saw my dad doing it when he left . i went and started to jack off on her face then when i came it hit her in the face and she opened her eyes and saw me and pretended to be sleeping . after i came i started rubbing my cum on her face. It was so hot all the cum that was on her face. She stayed in bed for a couple minutes then went to take a shower but you could still see the cum stains on her face. Since my dad was not working we rearly had the chance to play. I remember we had just got back from school and we were humping but we had to go to church but we didnt want to so i told her not to answer our uncle. We were fucking when our uncle open the window and saw us. He told us to go to church we couldnt refuse so we went as soon as we got there we went to the restroom. I remember i bended my sister over and started fucking her . from then we moved to a diffrent place. By now we were teens and loved beening with each other. I remember the day my dad went back to work we ran back home..when we got home i didnt take me much before i was on top of my sister. By now she was already used to my cum but still didnt like it. Since we were getting older our interaction started to change. I used to make her walk around with underwear only or with my penis in her butt. I remeber the land lord knock and she wanted to go answer. I told her she couldnt let my penis out of her butt. We made it to the door. I kept fucking her as she was talking. I am sure the lady saw us but didnt say anything. The next day we were in bed again naked watching t.v when the landlord knock on the door with some underwear. She told her to try it on so i told her to do it infront of me and she did. I used to love making her do things for me. The lady had a son and i would make my sister hump him. By now she was more used to me using her so she wouldnt make a big deal. From there we moved again this time again our dad was out of work so he was home so we had to stop. This happen for 2 months until he got a job. I remember my sister and i couldnt wait to get home and hump. I remember we didnt want to say it so we pretended to race so we could get there fast. As soon as we enter our room i took her clothes off and started humping her. I remeber we spend the whole day humping we didnt even want to stop when our dad got home we kept touching each other under the blanket. The next day again as soon as we got home we went straight into the room. Again we were humping when we noticed the land lady looking at us trought the window. We pretended to be playing . i remember we didnt want to get interrupted so we decided to go to the park there we found a tunnel where we humped. After that we took a walk around the park pretending we were bf and gf. This was one of the only times we made out. From here on when we wanted to hump we would go to the park. Then again we had to move. This time we moved to a room for all 3 of us. By now my sister was 15 and i was 14. My dad used to leave in the morning as soon as he will leave my sister and i will get humping. By now she was used to my cum i remeber she would ask me if i was done coming on her. Then she would go and take a shower. By now we wouldnt say anything but she was basically my gf… i remember my dad got laid off again but by now we didnt want to stop humping each other. So when my dad got laid of we started looking for a place to hump luckily we found an abandon house. We had to walk a lot to find it but it was perfect we were able to be alone. I remember i used to cum on her butt or face . we started doing it daily. I remember one day we got there and the window we used to get in at was locked. Thats when i realized how much my sister enjoyed our time together. She told me to break the window so we could get in and hump so i did. I used to tell her that we should make porn movies together. After a couple months we had to move back to my uncles. By then she would pay me all favors with sex. I remember one night we were sleeping when i heard some noise it was my dad in top of my sister he took her shorts off spread her legs then shoved his dick in her ass she jumped but my dad grabed her and cover her mouth. She tried to grab my arm so i could help her but i just pushed her hand away i was so turned on by the idea that she was my dads and i sex toy. My dad fucked her for a couple minutesthen he came in her ass and left . she was hurting so she just stayed like that. I pretended to woke up and asked her what happen she told me that our dad had just fuck her in the ass. I took my shorts off and got intop of her she asked me what i was doing i told her i was checking how loose my dad left her. My dick when inside her like nothing. I fucked her for a couple minutes but then she told me to stop that her ass was hurting that i could check her tomorrow. The next day in the afternoon i took her to and abandon place and started fucking her inn the ass. She was mad telling her my dad had left her loose. Unluckily for me she went and told a social worker about my dad raping her so they removed her from our home. We were separated for about 4 months eventually they put us in the same home where we humped again but eventually we got separated. I remember i didnt see her for a year then she called me. This is one of my favorite moments from her. She told me that she was sorry but she had lost her virginity. I told her that i was supposed to take it from her she told me she knew and thats what she wanted but they had separated us. She then told me that it really hurt. From then i didnt see her until she turned 18 i was 17. I remember she got her own place. At that time my dad had money so he was helping her out. I remember by then i started to understand that me fucking her was called incest. I wanted to make a video so i told her we should drnk she said she was down. So i went to her house she was hanging out with some friends . i didnt want them there i just wanted to fuck her. Once we got drunk our incest behavior started to cum out. We started talking about me and her having a baby together. Her friends kinda got the hint and left. Once they left she asked me if i wanted to do some coke . i said yeah she told me her friend was going to bring it . i told her okay. I already knew that she was going to get horny with the coke and fuck me and her friend. Once his friend got there we did some lines. Then i told her to sit between her friend and i . she then started to get touch by her friend. I was waiting for her to start sucking him up then i started rubbing her pussy. Things were getting good when we heard the door knock it was our dad as soon as we open the door he started accusing me and the other guy that we were going to fuck her. He made us leave . my dad and i came back the next morning and i could see a use condom by her bed. I knew her friend came back and fucked her. I was so jealous i told her to suck my dick for 20 dollars but she didnt want to. The next weekend i wanted to fuck her so i massege her telling her that my friend would give us some coke if she sucked him up. She told me she prefer to suck me up. I told her okay. I walked to her house but before i got there i jacked off since i was super horny. I got to her house i made the lines then after a couple minutes she started sucking me up. After sucking me up for a couple minutes she asked me if i wanted to fuck her . i said ofcourse. She was horny so she took her clothes fast and started riding me. Her pussy was streched out so my dick kept slipping out. We then changed position i started fucking her from the back. I noticed she was on her period. No wonder she wasnt fucking someone else. I fucked her for a couple minutes then came and couldnt get it up again so she just masturbated the whole night. In the morning she kicked me out. Am sure someone was coming to fuck her. The next weekend i wanted to fuck her again so i asked her if she wanted to drink she said yeah so i went over to her house. I layed on the floor and started playing with my penis . she asked me if i was horny . i told her yes. She then took the debit card she was using to masturbate and told me we should fuck. I pulled my shorts down. She was wearing a skirt so she just moved her underwear to the side and started to ride me. I tried to suck on her titties but she wouldnt let me. She had been riding me for a couple minutes when we heard my dad knocking on the window. He didnt see me since i was laying on the floor she told me to hide under the bed because my dad was going to know i was fujcking her. I hid there she left with my dad for like 20 minutes when she came back she came back to brushing her teeth. I grabed her and started fucking her but i noticed she wasnt horny anymore after a couple minutes she didnt want to fuck anymore. Am sure my dad took her somewhere and fucked her. He likes to cum in her mouth thats why she came back to brush her teeth. From then she got a bf i was so mad because i knew she wasnt going to let me fuck her with a bf. From then she started to mess with drugs more . i knew that was going to make it easier for me to fuck her. After that i went to juvinile hall after a couple months we talked on the phone and she told me that my dad had drugged her and fucked her with his friends. That she woke up and my dad and 2 others were fucking her. She told me this because i always told her she was mine so she told me so i could tell him something. I acted like i was mad but i was nly mad i wasnt there to fuck her too. I was in juvinile hall for 13 months during that time i know my dad took her as his women. She told me that even our uncle would fuck her. When i got out of juvinile hall i got my own apartment. She contacted me and told me she wanted to come stay with me. This was perfect i knew i was going to charge her sex for rent. My dad heard she was moving in with me and the first thing she told me is that we better not be fucking. That weekend i wanted to fuck her so bad. She got to my house and we were chilling but then a friend invited us to vegas i didnt want to go but he kept bugging so i told him yes. My plan was to get my own room and fuck her the whole night. But when we got there we could only get 1 room. So what i did . i fingered her with my friends on the bed. Once we got back i wanted to fuck her so i offer her some drugs she agreed. I remember she was wearing a skirt so she just layed on the floor i got naked and got in top of her. I told her to grab my dick and put it inside of her. She did. I started humping her but i noticed she wasnt like before. First she was really loose , second is like she didnt enjoy sex anymore . even tho she was loose because she is my sister i came very fast and so much. I tried to make her feel better so i asked her if she can feel. When i cum she told me she didnt. I just layed intop of her for a minute. When i looked at her pussy my cum was cumming out. We both looked at it as it felt into the carpet. She then got up and went to the restroom to clean herself up when she came out . she asked me why i cum so much i told her its because i love fucking her. She blushed up. Now i know she loves that i love fucking her. We then started watching t.v and she asked me if i wanted to pimp her out. I pretended like i didnt want to but i loved the idea. The next weekend she came back with her stuff . i was laying in my bed . i told her to cum to my room . before i even asked her anything she said that she was not going to fuck me. I wasnt even thinking about that but i told her to take her underwear off and jack me off with it. She did but i was taking long to cum so i told her if she wanted it to go faster to suck it so she did but soon got tired. She was trying to give up but i told her i needed to cum. I told her to take her shorts off .. she did and started to ride me . but before she said we shouldnt be fucking because we are brother and sister. She tried to say that we didnt like fucking eachother. I told her you might not like it but i love fucking you. Then grab her by her hand and made her sit on me. She rode me for a while then got tired so i started fucking her from the bottom. I could see how she didnt want me to see she was enjoying it. When i came i told her we had to slide to the edge of the bed so we wont get the bed dirty. When she got up my dick slipped out of her pussy full of cum and smacked my leg. She then walked to the restroom with my cum dripping out of her. I knew that she was going to be my gf if she was going to live with me. But my dad ended up moving in too. This is when i noticed their relationship had change. My sister didnt really liked my dad since he raped her but now its like they had a relationship. Its crazy cause this will cause me to get jealous. Whenever i would leave home, i know they will fuck. I will get there and they will take forever to open the door and when they did i was mad so i would start calling my sister a slut and a hoe. Its crazy how my dad and i both had a relationship with her. I dont doubt she loves me more but she loves me like her brother and i felt like she saw my dad as a men and thats what will get me mad. I made her such a good toy she also became my dads toy. Eventually she left. When i saw her again she had a bf and was a prostitute. I remember i wanted to fuck her and she tried to get me her friend then i told her i wanted to fuck her. I then again lost contact with her but i will message on fb. I remember i was telling her how i enjoyed using her like a sex toy. She would just read the message but not reply when i saw her againn i asked her why she didnt reply. She told me it was her bf. She told me she was blackmailing her into fucking his friends. I thought that was so hot i had to start fucking her in the butt. When i saw her again she was pregnant and used to hangout with some asian guy. I remember one day i was horny and she came to my house. I told her to spread her ass for me she said i was stupid i told her i wasnt playing. She knows that i would rape her if she tries to deny me something so she just turned around bend over and spread her ass. Her asshole streched out so nice… you can tell she takes big dick in the ass. I shoved it in so easy her ass felt so nice but i like to use her like a toy so i would pump her a couple times then i will go deep then take it out and shove it in again. After doing it for like 10 minutes i told her to suck my dick. She told me that it wasnt clean. I told her that it was her ass. She started sucking me up but i could tell by her face it didnt taste good. I remember our cousin came to visit me . he hadnt seen my sister so he took her to go see my aunt. I guess she told my cousin i forced her to let me fuck her in the ass. Its crazy for a long time i tought my sister was just a sex toy but now i realized how important she was. I never wanted to admit it but i was always attracted to her. She was my first gf. I didnt have to worry about a gf . i would come home sad or depressed then i would use her and forget about it. Me using her gave me alot of confidence. Whether i wanted or not having sex with her made us develop feelings for each other. When i see her again am going to tell her how much i enjoy her being my women. And that i love her as my sister and as my women. That i made her for me.

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