When melissa and I first got close, I had started to like her, a lot....

She was beautiful and sweet, and was so much fun to be around. You see we volunteering at groups; at a womens only club together, she as a counsellor and me in different section of offices. Over the years I became her best friend and she became mine. Last summer, we got really really close, like we told each other things that we have told nobody else, this was a big mistake that she has tried to use against me for the past year. We opened up to each other about our past of being sexually assaulted, workplaces we had been sexually harassed etc and really we just connected about so much, we have same looks even so everyone tells me. I believed in her more over the past summer than any previous summer setting small goals and getting over hurts. It didn't help that she ended up saying a lot of stuff that was making me feel good for once in years, then turning cold and strange to me a few times, I felt completely left out last christmas break up compared to her relationship with her other clients and I woke up she was treating them better then me, also she starting to say things that had no meaning in our sessions that would bring me to tears privately (does this remind you of anyone else in counselling I have seen before). Every time we would talk though, everything felt perfect, like she is the only one who could ever make me truly feel happy about myself and feel the relief of pain of self blame from my past and the hurt in my life. Part of me wants to tell her that I am not happy with things she said recently , but I woudn't risk losing the friendship that I have with her for the world. I don't know what to do. Some officals from a sexual abuse group are wanting me to make formal complaints but I don't know what to do yet. I feel torn about it all.

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