Dear beibei, I confessing here for begging your forgive and re-evaluate upon restart our relationship. Yes,I admit,I...

confessing you for: fight,prejudice,sloth,pride,vandalism,fraud,envy,pimping,stupidity...and being such a bum. I've been confessed once during the past year we have been knew eachother and both of us deside to ender into the new relationship.I really appreciate to the God,to everything holy in the sky,and I swear to them,I am in love with you. First,I confessing for fight with you and shout at you in public.I agree,at that time,I've been forgotten my role and what kinda promise I've made to you before,I acting like a jerk,like an asshole.Yes,you slam at me,I deserve that,I really do.And that make me feel comfortable at least.You are right now standing at the point of the cross,life,career,love...mess,huh?To the left or to the make the choice.  To be continued... Jean  

By Anonymous on Pride, Envy, Sloth, Prejudice, Fight, Fraud, Vandalism, Stupidity, Pimping, Being a bum,
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