$10,000 is a baseline figure for a basic book to be published or it could...

be more. and missy melisa give preferential help to certain women when clearly I don't have money or power. if I did I wouldn't be here and if I have money I wish someone would show me where it is. I sleep in a bed with my mother because my own room is full of shopping addiction stuff from the abuse at russos and no job and no man. I can't afford to night club every friday to meet men. I don't really have many hobbies these days, I gave up gardening due to water restrictions and neighborhood bullies, I gave up home exercising due to neighborhood bullies and that slut tiger on her fucking trampoline, a tramp-o-lean alright is that slut. what more do I have to give up ? how much more of myself do I have to give up to be loved by you! or anyone! more to the point to make other mongrel losers feel better!

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