i have tried to make people and men like me. i needed all that when...

i was thin not fat. i wanted marriage and baby and career in my 20s-30s and i should have it all by now. and i don't have any ability at all to attract men. men find me ugly i get that. but i don't need it rubbbed in my face by cunts everywhere when all of you are so spastic and dog fucking whores anyway. at least i am so above you all like that. thanks for the insults again. but still can't make me love the unloveable losers who had their chance with me. should look at yourselves to see why I didn't jump because you didn't treat me so well all of you. all of you are bad people and I condem you. god has you written his book and I asked god to condem you all for abuse against me. you hate me. you didn't want to see me pretty or married and financially successful or in a career with respect or as a mother. all you want is to see me living in poverty to make you feel better. so now I enjoy seeing others suffer too. and I bite and I attack when I get the chance, just the other day I deliberately attacked a dozen people after that spastic abused me on the road. I will murder that thing if i see it again so keep it away from me.

By Anonymous on General,
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