I lied about beeing a virgin But there is one true thing i can say though...

just to make it more intersting: I had this girlfreand for 2 weaks she was 17 (i was 29) so we had this relationship so one day we had a double date, she brough a freand female and i brough a freand male And i masturbated on hers freand for 3 days in a row after the date Her freand was SO sexy she was like 16 years old and totaly HOT! So anyway after 3 days of masturbation i told my girlfreand that i leave her for her freand and i asked hers freand MSN so i could contatc her. and she put me in ignore sense then we never spoke again Oh and BEFORE you vote remember one VERY IMPORTANT THING: this girlfreand of mine.. she sucked my dick once and she stoped in the middle coz she didnt wanted me to com.. WHAT THE FUCK? she deserved to be thrown away! 

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