i had sex with others when i kept a guy as a bf ...i didnt...

feel sorrry that time ...and whats bad is even now ... i dont think i did anything wrong ... he is older than me and i think he knew that ...im not so good gal ..he said : if u like someone else oneday ..please tell me ..i gonna be ok ,just promise me dont cheat me .. i was touched ..and i felt that i really liked him a lot . but yea maybe the truth is that : i like all guys around me ...i like getting them and then leaving them .. i like the guys who r not easy to get more than those who r really nice to me but easy to get ... i dated K on friday night ..we had a nice time at a club , and we had sex that night at his home he's a great sex partner ...but D is my bf ...and i dated him on saturday and when we went to a hotel he saw the mark sucked by K on my chest ... tho he just said :it looks a little like ...but he didnt say anything else or ask me .. he told me that he really loves me when we having sex and dinner i felt i doing something , i shouldnt hurt him ... but God i dont know how to stop ...

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