lately I have been trying to eat more breakfast and I have 10 teaspoons of...

oats and some fruit sometimes or just lemon juice with water and tea instead of fruit. if i have dried fruit or fresh its nice or I have a egg instead of oats and a sliced fruit and toast and tea. I usually have a coffee mid morning. I like to have a small lunch most times like a sandwich with turkey, ham or chicken, with cranberry or avo or cheese etc, horseradish or mustard on whole grain or mixed seed bread. I like my greens a lot in shoots and leaf or I do a soup or roast veg lunch and peas. I like to drink water or mineral waters or juice. some fruit or fruit salad. tea and dinner I love all kinds of things. just some fresh sliced salads in lettuce boats are nice with olives or capers or lupins (I love them in the jar nice and pickled ) and chickpeas and onion with fish or meat. I love str fry and I love berries and kale smoothies. trialing different foods and alternative foods for intolerances. like yesterday we had a lot of veg broccoli and beans and etc but today I just had some ham and horseradish and cheeses, and greens (l like rocket and lettuces) and I love those mixed small tomatoes of all different colors and shoots and I sliced some pear and berries on the side, I had oats and a mandrin for breakfast, then wasted myself on morning tea on a small ginger biccy and turkish delight mini chocolate and a coffee and tonight we will have something veg and meat and I already have a basic fresh berry sweets made. The other day I had a flathead and a bean pumpkin and walnut salad with rocket at the gallery, it would have been better home made. I like different juices, cordials or these light syrups with small alcohol and mineral water and we try some out. I tried a ginger beer and myrtle drink the other day that was a limited edition but nice. I loved the trout and salmon and prosciutto rolls at the restaurant and I just couldn't eat many of the sweets. I like mint or basil in my salads. last night I just had a green veg soup for dinner and crusty bread. I was just too tired to do much.

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