missy is always telling me I have to be happy in myself first and show...

others that and wallow in the pain of failure and fat and so on with minfulness and then everything will fall into place when I put on a fake smile everywhere, and she changed like a nut with a death in her family of orgin and I expect to see her break up with her husband soon and take up with a younger man. I know the patterns of women like that and men, the weight loss, the death of a member in family and this self satisfied look on her face and her con scam game and yep, I bet a few she will be on with a younger man and trying to push this old fart on to me who is 80 and we have nothing in common at all and he is too old for me, and mean while melissa has stolen my goals and dreams just like someone else did doing similar job. Its not professional what missy has done. she never keeps me in the loop of notices like she does the other female clients and I picked this up last xmas party how she give preferential treatment to other women and to get a book published takes money unless you have a friend who owes you a lot of favors. I could go around europen holiday for what costs for a book published. its around $10,000. and missy is playing a deceptive game of dirty! as my sister says, the person that cares less or has a bigger platform of power wins. that is missy! not going to forgive. meanwhile, she wants me to go to her brainwashing group on bounties. no thanks. go give that bible to someone who really needs it more then me who is always bounties.

By Anonymous on General,
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