my lecturer who is a doctor is really happy with my course work this year...

and she told me I should be proud of myself but its hard to. I past all the case management and stream units in sociology care for gerontology and aged care, dsm mental illnesses stream and problem children and child protection services and foster children and I added some human resources units for job recruitment case management and general management and leadership. Because case management covers so much its specialized area but its not university so its hard for me to feel proud. I got 100 % passes for most units just like I did for dental courses and laser skin treatments and Justice units. I want to go back to university but too afraid to. I am burnt out and my support lady said I need to take a little rest but I got a more then a bucket load to complete yet. I hate giving up on a course. I past educational psychology unit and geonome and genetics again and I pasted the foresics in accounting and also in IT with a shit load of IT units I never thought I would do and I past making apps and I still don't know how to freaking make them. so sad. just learn to pass course exams sometimes. I admit that. I did that at uni too. you have to to budget you time. I pasted international law units and its because some of these are via a college not university I feel like "what does it really mean to anyone, it only means something to me", like last year passing microbiology and lab analysis and diploma of health science. you can't use them anywhere. its like what does it matter. I am so tired and I got a lot to get through yet. I need a part time job too.

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