noela and roz, stop gossiping and ringing with your gossips ! stop calling the house....

all you do is gossip and back stab. stop bringing us into your problems. go see a counselor. get lost. I don't want your love. I don't want anyones love. I don't want your sticky dirty money. I don't want anyones money. I want nothing! NOTHING!!!! nothing nothing. I want nothing. I want nothing nothing nothing. go away. I don't want to know how you are. I just don't care anymore, you have worn me out over the past 35 years of your abuses and I have nothing. don't care about anyone but me. only me. putting me first all the time. you go put your little first knowell first and always first little smart ass up herself K. but leave me out of your shit. get lost. go die. please do go die. because I won't be caring. I am near 50 and I owe it to myself to only think of me, you used me for the last 35 years as your mental abuse slave. you will pay for that. you will pay. and I won't be caring.

By Anonymous on General,
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