so all i can say is u should go to therapy. like me. She's your...

ex and you're just now "starting" to hate her? I'm on my third marriage, and I started hating both of my exes while I was still married to them, and that hatred has only grown more powerful and delicious and satisfying with each passing year. I haven't started hating my current wife yet, but if I gave myself half a chance, I could easily start hating her today. You're missing out on all the fun, pal. You need to get to work on forming and feeding a deep, dark, gnawing, angry, snarling hatred of your ex. Repeat after me: "Dear sweet mother of CHIRST, how I totally hate that miserable sack of s*** I used to be married to!" And when you speak of her to friends, always, ALWAYS refer to her as "the hairy unbarred d b****". You have a long way to go, my friend, but I like your chances of getting there!

By Anonymous on General,
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