so was out today shopping and went to specialist doctor. ahaagh! is all I am...

gonna say there. I supposed it helps, better then without. I shouted me and my mum a tea and small sweet we allow ourselves to have once a month. We were sorta perfumed out after last month. But with xmas on well, I am looking a lot of gifts for myself and my mum. I got to get my box of mens aftershaves refilled cuz it went down in the last 5 years I gave them to my dad. One pushy long dark haired sales chick annoys me. she wanted to convince me to buy a bottle of perfume for $220-280 or something and I said I would have to think about that one and save for it. Never bought anything that dear before ever. I find it hard to justify the price even if I like it. So then went to a thrift shop and looked around and just came home and had some salmon steaks and cous cous and a salad with rocket and a banana and cup of tea and usually at night I take to bed a herbal tea with about half a spoonful of honey and it calms me down. So I bought more of that herbal tea cuz it was only a a few dollars a box.

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