that seems crazy life. incest is not good and you or her. you should speak...

to her clearly and tell her you have emotionally and physically and spiritually moved on from needing that sort of thing from her and have a normal sibling relationship. are you a guy or a female? because if its lesbian you need help anyway. you can go confess it to anyone you like. nothing is stopping you. but it might not give you the result you want. from my expereinces of outting incest it won me no favors and no friends and no comfort and no joy, no income and no peace. it just got a heap of shit off my back and then landed me some new shit to deal with. no one is going to feel sorry for you more then you will feel sorry for yourself. that is the bottom line. it won't win you a better relatioinship with your current partner or relatives who might want to turn on you or both of you or just disown you out of the shame. so its up to you what you do. you can love the person and not the behavior in family but you have to be wise about how you get outcomes because too many families today are at war and shooting bullets at each other over stuff and no one is going to rescue you in your pain and suffering and you won't feel like a victory is gained from it until you deal with the main source which is you and how this all started and you need to go and get proper psychiatric counselling that specializes in incest. Its far better to have a adversary and do things quietly then be a warrior but few people understand that today. I had way too many people bullying me to "do this do that" and I learnt the hard way that no one will really care what you have been through more then you. Go find a community group and call a local hospital for sexual issues and relationships. most of your family will turn on you because they want everything to be all about them anyway and most family want things to be as they always are, a lot like work and volunteer places. and you won't be so welcome by being "different". sometimes you have to end all communication to become who your supposed to be.

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