we are never gonna afford putting in a new kitchen down stairs. dad did a...

good job of boasting to a hire a hubby person and we don't have the money he was implying we did. he did that deliberately to make them of course charge over the amount I could afford. Sometimes I wish someone would take my father aside and say, "mate, can you see what you are doing to your family and get off your ass and get a job!" like if I was my parents I would see I needed help to make friends and find dates, I can't even afford to go night clubbing and I have no friends to go with. I need help with college and education and finding work. the govt just have this flippant attitude to shove you on welfare and hope you die soon. I don't think that is morally right. I mean, you don't think I don't want work or love too! I am so worn out from others abusing me. I can't even talk about my own problems to most people. They just don't want to know. I can't tell them its been 3 years since my mother vacuumed the carpet and the place is like a hovel squalor squatters dump and I expected more out of life by now and I didn't get like this alone. It took years of abuse to end up this broken and sick. Imagine every time you got to stand up as a baby someone pushed you down. you wouldn't bother to get up after a while.

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