well, i don't fall for the lies in shop windows anymore. i used to. all...

is a scam. you see ads for position vacant or customer service wanted. like on line on seek etc but the truth is there is no job. countless retail jobs i have applied for, on speck walk in and ask about so called advertised job. all your told to do is send resume to head office or if you are lucky they will say bring it into manager and when you do, they don't want to speak to you, and your told to leave it will front counter staff. so you stop bothering to dress up or get a resume ready. your printer doesn't work because guess what? you can't afford to fix it without a job. you can't get into a den employment agency either because you don't qualify for some reason that makes no sense to the general public as to if it says "disability services" then you assume all levels of disability ought to be allowed employment support and assistance. after all a part time job might be the only job you ever get. its better then none. but if your reading all this and got this far i am sure your like me. sick of lies and fakeness and scamjobs of business and govt. you forgotten how to feel nice ages ago, as if anyone would let you. yet you know your a worthy person and don't understand why your always the one hurting, complaining and in the right and left alone because of your good morals. my advise I was told is, pretend your a foreigner applying for the job and you will get it. sorry it didn't work. I read up on the conpanies last 2 years accounts reports and told them figures and they didn't care, I think I might know more about their company then most of them do. then you get the refusing to answer questions bit from smart ass smart selling wankers who are just tossing themselves and trying to justify their expensive prices on whore clothing a brothel would wear. excuses like ''you won't be able to reach this or the top shelve, you won't be able to lift. you won't be able with me, because afterall they are the expert on everything and your just dumb, lazy and stupid. how you got this far they still can't work out and never will. they don't have a degree or diploma and they don't need them. no. they are of that special age bracket of 60-160 who know everything and perfectionists at all things but sadly never attempted to do many things but work .

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