When guys dump me I use everything I know about them (1st names, jobs, locations,...

hobbies, background etc) to impersonate them on internet forums for $h!t like furries (people who get off on pretending to be anthropomorphic, often retardedly rainbow-colored animals) and people who F*** life-size dolls. The A-hole NY I-banker who stole my virginity? Has the soul of a winged purple otter prince who likes it up the @$$ from hung foxes. The needled**k engineer who broke up w/me the week before Xmas? Has a whole harem of japanese realdolls & had a big fat sobbing pu$$y crisis requiring much (((hugs))) b/c a flesh&blood woman spoke to him in the grocery store. But he told me I was fat when I'm like 5'5 120# so he deserves it & then some. I spend way way too much time on it & it's starting to interfere w/my real life but it's just so much F***ing FUN!!!!!! If I ever find a hot, REAL man who's faithful & true I'll stop, I promise.

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