I retired at age 60 from an insurance company but I felt I needed to...

continue working till I was 70. Nothing to do at home so I might as well do something useful. Ok so I take a job with the state eight miles from my home and I start to work picking up sorting and delivering mail and light warehouse work. They decided I was too old to work alone so they hired a nineteen-year-old black kid to work with me. He told our manager that he wanted to work with the state and progress along and eventually get another higher paying job. Ok knew this wasn't going to work out almost immediately because this kid wasn't into the job at all. The work was incredibly easy but he wasn't willing to hold up his end of the stick. I admit that metering huge stacks of mail and carrying it to the post office is not the most glamorous job but it was work that had to be done glamor or not. Many times after it was my turn to work in the warehouse I'd return and I;d have to meter the mail myself. On one occasion when he actually did meter this mail none of the letters were closed. He had failed to make sure the sealant fluid was moistening the letters. This meant that I had to run the letters through meter again which was a thirty-minute chore. While I was in the mailroom I said yes sir and no ma'am to my fellow workers whereas he would often argue with his fellow employees and embarrass me to no end. He was especially bad at working with customers. As in not good with non-employees. I said nothing thinking he would eventually get in trouble with our manager. I was right. A black lady he had insulted went to our manager and told on him. He had called her a n***** and even after I told him he needed to apologize to her he refused telling me to mind my own damn business. hen he left the mailroom and went outside like the loser he was and probably always will be. About twenty minutes later our manager asked me where he was and I told him that I believed he was outside. Our manager found him and twenty minutes later he was history. The HR lady walked him to the door and he was gone forever. Even though he was a terrible employee I felt sorry for him. He had two illegitimate children to support and a car payment to make. I remembered his saying to our manager that he wanted to progress with the state but less than four months into his employment he was out the door and ineligible to work for the state ever again.

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