Am Unable To Impregnate Non-Black Women I have f***** a huge number of women of diverse...

races/ethnicities/marital statuses in my long life. I have been lucky to impregnate many black women without even trying to.I could have a bus load of kids, but some women had abortions. Shockingly, I have found it impossible to impregnate non-black women, including those who should naturally be of child bearing age. My latest frustration is this: last year, a Hispanic lesbian couple asked me to father a child for them, no s**. So, I donated sperm to them twice a day for three days. I hardly heard from them after that. Seven months later, they contacted me and said there was no success. They had visited a doctor who found growth in the uterus, or somewhere and they had it removed and were now healed. They wanted more sperm. I agreed and spent a weekend last month donating to them the same way we did last year-using a soft cup. They just notified me two days ago, there was no success this time either. She is only 24 and should conceive even by merely dreaming about it, lol. I am frustrated because I am used to knocking up a woman either the first time I try, or within 2 ovulations at the most. I have no idea why my sperm cannot attach to a non-black woman egg ever.

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