Been interestied in watching wife with another guy for years For years I have tried to...

talk my wife Peg into having s** with a guy while I watched without any luck until recently. Our daughter went to college this last year and we decided to take a cruise. on the first day out I brought up the idea of her doing another guy here since we were all strangers and would probably never see them again but she laughed it off calling me a pervert playfully. Well on out first stop we met a guy that took pictures for us and we became friends with him. He had been on several cruises so far and knew quite a bit about them and Peg began to pump him for information. They were talking and ignoring me completely and he and her agreed that we should have dinner that night together. I felt left out and that night as Peg was showering I was setting on the toilet stool listening to her tell me how smart he is and I asked a little p***** off I do you want to f*** him? She was silent as she dried off then as I was taking my bath she asked why I had said that and i pretended not to know what she was talking about and said you know about me f****** him ? I laughed and asked well do you? She said of course not but she was silent until we went downstairs to meet him then she was all questions again and had a glass of wine with dinner and she never drinks then she had another glass with desert and was becoming pretty tipsy. John was telling us about his room with a balcony and asked if we wanted to see it and Peg jumped at the chance she was more than half drunk and oooed and awwwed at the balcony room as we looked around and John asked us if we wanted something to drink and I opted for a beer and Peg took another glass of wine but only sipped now. Sometime later John took a leak and Peg was prowling around the room so I stepped up behind her and cupped her b****** in my hands and she laughed and rubbed her ass against my leg. I whispered in her ear you like John dont you and she said of course he is a nice guy still pressing her ass against me. I whispered I am going to let him f*** you tonight. Peg froze against me but did not say no her breath became faster and more ragged now though and her b****** seamed to become fuller in my hands. I turned her to the bathroom door as the toilet flushed and I was pulling her blouse out of her skirt when John stepped out of the tiny bathroom and looked at us curiously as I pulled her blouse free from her skirt. I said John Peg likes you and I have always wanted to watch her with another man. You can be her first lover if you want as I lifted her blouse and Peg raised her arms so I could pull it over her head her chest now heaving with her harsh breaths then I pulled her bra off over her head to and Pegs nipples were hard little pebbles as she watched in a trance as John hurriedly undresses ash gasped when his c*** swung free from his shorts and she hurriedly backed up on the bed almost panting now and whimpering in her desire. Peg opened her legs and John converged on her with his shirt still on kicking his shoes off and crawled between her legs as she took his c*** in her hand as he pushed her legs farther apart with his knees as Peg rubbed his c*** head up and down her p**** lips getting it wet from her juices. John hunched forward and his c*** head sank out of site into her p**** and Peg gasped and her body convulsed is it welcomed his c***. Peg cried out and thrust her body off the mattress and impaled herself on his c*** and John went wild f****** her as Pegs legs kicked up toward the ceiling with each stroke. Peg wrapped her arms and legs around him and he was lifting her body off the bred now with his thrusts. I got glimpses of his very slimy c*** pumped in and out of my wife and Pegs grunts as he thrust into her Peg very quickly cried out in o***** and she came a second time when John came in her. then she rolled him onto his back and mounted his c*** and fingered her c*** as she rode his c*** to a third o***** her head thrown back with one hand on his chest and her eyes tightly closed. They sat there panting for a long time with Peg now leaning forward and her hair in disarray hanging in her face then she laughed a little hysterically her face still flushed with her o*****. She said babe better get a hand towel he came quite a bit and I will mess up his bed without it. I brought her the towel and the smell of their musky liquids filled the room/ Peg raised off his c*** and a thick rope of his c** followed it landing on his soft c*** and Peg squealed as she wiped his c** off her p**** and then cleaned his c*** off to. They became lovers for the rest of the cruise and since that time Peggy has had three other men two of them black guys.

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