Im a semi normal teenage boy but when i was younger i did some bad...

things and i want to know if im a bad when i was about 10 i had a sleep over with my friend and i was trying to sleep and he asked if i wanted to try something he saw on tv i said okay knowing that it was probably sexual havin watched p*** since 4th he and i did something that i wont describe for fear that this confesssion will be rejected. So fast forward 1year i was hanging out with one of my other friends and we were playing bioshock then i went and asked him to do something for me and again i will not go into fast forward another year. I was on a boy scout camping trip and while i was sleeping i heard a very strange noise coming from the bed next to me so i grabbed my flashlight knowing what was probably going on and i caught the kid next to me forward 3 months and again i was on a camping trip when the kid in my tent pulled out his smartphone. I asked him if i could use it. After he fell asleep i used his phone to watch p*** and fap. I am now 14 and i still am burdoned by all this although the last one doesnt bother me as much. So am i a bad person+

By Anonymous on Lie,
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