Excuse me, sir? I think I love you... I met you three years ago. You were...

sitting on a table, dangling your feet, sipping your coffee. You blue eyes paralyzed me and your voice sent shivers down my spine. Every morning, for the last three years, I have been staring at you, thinking about you, thinking about what kind of life we could have. It pains me to see you with your wedding ring on. It pains me to see you walk away without me. It pains me to see you close your door and teaching your class. Because that reinforces the fact that we could never be together. Its taboo. But I think I love you. No. Its probably just some typical school girl crush, its not love. But I do have very strong feelings for you. I crave your touch and pray for your presence. I need you, just to get through life. You're the reason I get up in the morning. But you'll never be mine. I want you. I need you. God, I need you. Be mine. Be mine. BC

By Anonymous on General,
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