I've tried to talk about this with my friends online, but can't really bring myself...

to do it. Atleast not with my good friends. We are a family of four. Me, my elder sister, mom and dad. Our dad is quite strict , and I don't really talk with him that much. My mom is more open minded (maybe because she is much younger than him). I share most things with her. Like once, I had a crush on this girl, and I told my sis about it. And next day mom was asking me about it (yeah, she told her). We talked frankly and I she told me I could share anything with her. So I started sharing many things with her. And she did too. When I was about 15, I got to know that she was infact Bi-sexual, and was more into girls than guys. She married my dad because she got pregnant with my sister at a very young age (even though she liked another woman). Her friend still visits us, and I call her Aunt May. Anyways, after I turned 18, she started asking me about my love life, and I told her most of it (including the time i first masturbated). Me and my sis slept in the same room until i turned 15. This was when mom told me about how she didn't love my dad anymore, and didn't want to sleep with him anymore (they had a huge fight one evening). I told her she can sleep in my and sis' room, while I sleep in the attic, directly above this room. (I wanted to sleep alone for a long time, after hitting puberty.) I had very weird fetishes, and one day I almost masturbated with sis sleeping on the same bed. Idk what got over me, but I kinda dreamt about kissing my mom that night. I woke up at around 3am , extremely horny. I saw my sis and got more turned on. And i did things with her clothes (not the one she was wearing) that I cannot say here. Fast forward to when moved to the attic. By this time, I fantasized about many things. Things which involved my teacher (female) and students from my class (mostly female). I won't go into detail as it isn't allowed here. Anyways (a year after moving to the attic) , my sis started wearing a tank top around the house (when its summer). And i really got uncomfortable around her. One night I fantasized about her too (and god, did I feel guilty after that). About a week or so ago, in the evening she was wearing it and we were watching a movie (me , her and mom. Dad went to a business trip like 2 days before this incident). The movie was named "Mad women". And it involved a scene where the mother and daughter were kissing each other. Believe me, it was extremely awkward for the 3 of us, as my sis and mom were both wearing a tank top and shorts. And to make it even more awkward, they were kinda cuddling, while my sis' feet rested on my lap. We were drinking wine from quite a while and all of us were drunk by this time. There was an awkward silence when this scene was going on, and I couldnt help but got super hard. After the scene, I broke the silence by saying how weird the scene was, and they just agreed. We 3 were looking at each other, when suddenly my sis (very drunk by now) started saying " it may be weird , and I might be sick for saying it, but it was kinda hot" (Also, i forgot to mention that sis is a bi-sexual too, attracted to girls more than guys) . Me and mom agreed on it. We watch the movie... drinking more wine all the while. I went to the toilet to pee. But when I return, mom and sis were whispering something and smiling. I went to the couch and suddenly my sis starts asking me if I found the scene hot and did I get hard or not. I was extremely surprised as me and her never discuss about things like these. Ever. I was thinking what to say, when suddenly , she did something which changed our relationships forever. She started kissing our mon on the cheeks. It wasn't a normal peck. She was kissing for atleast a minute, until I got super uncomfortable and said "what are you doing". This time, our mom spoke (for the first time after quite a while). She told me to relax, and that it was just a "kiss on the cheek". Being a horny teen boy, I couldnt help but get a weird boner. They stop suddenly when they notice it. By this time we were all very drunk and I boldly asked my mom if I could kiss her on the cheeks too. She said maybe tomorrow, as she is tired now. I got sad and went to my room. (there's more that happened but I wanted opinions on what to make out of this)

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