My crush is someone who doesn't exst. So like.. this is really going to sound weird...

and immature,but i'm starting to like someone who's in my drems.. i've dreamed with this guy more than once,and it's weird... He's those types of guys i like,the quiet,yet funny,ones ,mysterious,reserved and interesting.. So I dreamed yesterday with this guy...And we were in this place,alone.. and he got up and i had to go somewhere,so did he.. I can't really remember where.. but as he got up to go away,i just got up and walked to him and gave him this hug from behind,it's unbelievable how i felt something,i was only a dream but i felt butterflies.. it felt,nice and i just wanted to stay there with him. He was like sad or something and i hugged him,from behind,okay so then i don't really remember about what happened,but we were holding hands,and sitting,i don't remember talking,saying a single word,but it's like we were talking with each other for ever and ever,even though there was nothing said.. But the way we touched each other,felt really good,and no,there was nothing about s** in my dreams,that's my point,it felt really nice,you know,that kind of relationships that are hard to find? I just wish something like that would actually happen to me,in reality,not only my dreams.. I just wish i can dream about this ''guy'' even though there dreams. Dreams can really be better than reality.

By Anonymous on General,
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